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By Christina Dent


A foster mom’s discovery of an unexpected solution to drugs and addiction.


Curious gives a vision for unexpected solutions that save lives, heal families, and promote public safety.

Curious is the story of Christina Dent’s learning journey after a life-changing experience with the mother of her foster son sparks curiosity about the best way to reduce harm from drugs. With addiction touching many families and potent drugs available almost everywhere, better solutions are needed. Curious offers one. 
Christina was born, raised, and homeschooled in a conservative Christian home in Mississippi. The proverbial good girl, she stayed away from drugs and earned a degree in Bible before leading ministries at her church. She’s the last person you might think would give a TEDx Talk and found a thriving nonprofit inviting people to consider seismic shifts in how cultures worldwide approach drugs and addiction.
Curious tells her story along with the people and research that cross her path, giving her a vision for unexpected solutions that save lives, heal families, and promote public safety. But Curious isn’t just a story. It’s an invitation to readers to get curious alongside Christina and consider for themselves whether the shift she comes to believe in could be the best way to reduce harm from drugs so all of us have a better opportunity to thrive.

Praise For Curious

"If you’ve ever loved anyone with an addiction, stop what you are doing now and read this beautiful and life-changing book. It’s the most important thing you will do this year.”
New York Times Bestselling Author of Chasing the Scream and Stolen Focus
"Curious is the most thoughtful, humane, deeply Christian perspective on drug use one could possibly imagine. It will now be a permanent part of my thinking.”
Theologian, Author of Under the Wings of God
“If we want better outcomes, we have to think outside the box. This book takes us there.”
Addiction Recovery Advocate and Bestselling Author of American Fix and Unsettled
“Curious is the perfect title. This out-of-the-box work of Christina’s heart and soul will engage your own heart and soul from the first page."
Founder, Mississippi Christian Living Magazine
“This is a rare, detailed, and totally absorbing look into substance use disorder and the people who are impacted by it. These are two subjects I thought I knew far too well, having lost my youngest son to a heroin overdose on January 1, 2015. As I read, I began to realize that I still have much to learn. This powerful, insightful, must-read book causes me to want to hear more."
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About The Author
Christina Dent

Founder & President, End It For Good

Christina is an author, TEDx speaker, and perpetual question-asker. She grew up in a conservative, Christian home and earned a degree in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Christian Ministry from Belhaven University.


As a young adult, Christina assumed she had a solid understanding of how the world works. That changed when she and her husband became foster parents in 2014. The neat bow she had tied around her mental box of how the world works began to unravel.


What had previously been a category of people in her mind, people addicted to drugs, now had a name, face, and an infant son sleeping in the extra bedroom down the hall. Her foster care experience gave her an up-close look at the realities of addiction, drug use, and the far-reaching impact of our drug laws.


This became the catalyst for months of reading, questions, and listening as she tried to reconcile her beliefs as a Christian with the pain and suffering she saw first-hand. What she learned changed her mind. The laws she thought were the answer to keep people from using drugs she now saw as causing more harm than help to people made in God’s image.


Christina founded End It For Good out of her desire to invite others to listen to the voices directly impacted by our drug laws. She hopes that more people will explore the root causes of drug-related harm and consider a different approach. She wrote the book Curious: A Foster Mom's Discovery of an Unexpected Solution to Drugs and Addiction to share her story and the research and experiences that changed her mind about the best path forward to help people thrive, even in a world where harmful drugs exist.


Christina is married to her college sweetheart Thomas, and they live in Ridgeland, MS, with their three sons. On the weekends, you can find her biking, in a hammock reading a biography, or playing board games with the family.

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