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1 in 10 American adults have used an illegal drug recently.

Rates of illegal drug use have doubled in the last 20 years.

Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States.

The United States is in the midst of an overdose crisis fueled by contamination from an unregulated underground drug market. The good news is that we have the power to change it. Come and explore life-saving approaches to drugs and addiction that also reduce crime and empower families.

There is a better path forward.

Discover new pathways to reduce harm from drugs and help more people thrive. You’ll receive instant access to our latest eBook, 3 Ways to Help Someone Struggling with an Addiction.

Why We Exist

Our goal is a future where fewer people are harmed by drugs.

To get there, we need to shift away from a criminal justice approach and towards a health-centered approach to drug production, distribution, and consumption.

As a 501(c)(3), we educate citizens, advocates, and policymakers to elevate solutions that prioritize life, health, strong families, and safe communities. This is the path to a world where more people have an opportunity to thrive.

Changed Lives = Stronger Families

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An Introduction to End It For Good
Can we borrow 8 minutes?

An Introduction to End It For Good

America views addiction as a criminal justice matter, and it’s not working for anybody. In this powerful video, founder Christina Dent presents an alternative approach and the foundational mission of End It For Good.
TEDx: Changing My Mind on the Best Path Forward With Drugs
Our Founder, Christina Dent

TEDx: Changing My Mind on the Best Path Forward With Drugs

In this thoughtful talk, Christina Dent shares her learning journey about the destructive impact of a criminal justice approach to drugs and addiction, as well as the mounting evidence that a health-centered approach would be much more effective.
An HR Manager's Awakening
Our CEO, Brett Montague

An HR Manager's Awakening

In this personal interview, Brett shares his experience walking with a loved one through addiction, as well as seeing the impact of a drug conviction on workforce development. It changed his life and career.
The Cycle of Harm
Take 2 Minutes to Watch

The Cycle of Harm

For decades, the criminal justice system has been the primary tool for addressing drug use and addiction. But is it the right tool? Explore the outcomes with us.
Misplaced Priorities
Our Groundbreaking Report

Misplaced Priorities

How the Federal Drug War imposes high costs on Mississippians, delivers disappointing results, and undermines public safety.
3 Things People Misunderstand About Drugs (and why it matters)
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3 Things People Misunderstand About Drugs (and why it matters)

Most of us agree that there's a lot of drug-related harm in our world. But what's actually causing that harm? It's not what you might think.


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"This is among the best TED talks I have ever seen, and definitely the single best end-the-drug-war talk I've ever seen, period."

"Christina’s thoughtful and thought-provoking presentation invites us into the discussion with facts & numbers in a non-confrontational and non-coercive way."

"Christina has done a magnificent job of facilitating civil discourse on a difficult topic."